Name:Jenny Fung
Profession:Business Analyst, Consulting
Location:Toronto, ON
Education:Honours Business Administration, University of Western Ontario - Richard Ivey School of Business

What I do at work:

I am a consultant and what we do can be described as being a doctor for a company. Consultants work in teams and we travel all over the country to help companies solve their problems. I will talk to people within that company to understand what is wrong and do research and analysis to come up with a solution. Then I will present the solutions to the company and help them figure out how to use our recommendations to solve their problems.

How I got my job:

I saw the job posting for a summer internship and sent in my cover letter and resume. After going through two rounds of interviews and presentations I got my job. I did well during the summer and was given an offer to return full time upon graduation.

My first job:

My first job was in Grade 10 as a science camp instructor at Seneca Summer Camp. I also worked as a swimming instructor for the City of Toronto that following school year.

Best advice I ever got:

Only you can make things happen. Don't sit back expecting things to be given to you or for opportunities to come your way. You are the only one who can determine your future or where you end up.

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